St. Petka Bulgarian Ltd.

Specialized inpatient facility for the treatment and rehabilitation of pulmonary diseases. It is located 4 km. from the town centre, in the direction of the Yundola locality and the road to Razlog.


Blood gas analysis; Clinical chemistry; Coagulation; Urine; Hematology;


Veloergometer with computer software; Electrocardiograph;
and more ...


Aromatic oils;
Silver water



SPA Capital
of the Balkans, Velingrad

Velingrad is situated in the Chepinska valley, over 800 m above sea level. In a transitional continental climate zone, mild mountain climate with Mediterranean influence.

Long but mild winters, cool summers, clean mountain air, centuries-old pine forests and healing mineral waters, parks, mountains, mountains, tranquility and long sunshine. Single foggy days, almost no winds. 


Restoration of the patient's health through his stay in Nature The landscape

Nature Landscape affects the body in various ways: mechanical - wind, atmospheric, thermal and radiation - emanations from the earth, solar radiation, chemical fragrances from plants, soil, rain, electromagnetic, such as the ionization of the air

This is the objective basis for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system and lungs so-called landscape therapy. СБПЛРПФЗ „Света Петка Българска“, гр. Velingrad provides its patients with a wide range of services in the field of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of pulmonary diseases. The medical institution has a very good material base, modern equipment and highly qualified specialists.

Average annual temperature
0 mm
air humidity
Mercury stem

Basic medical services:


Basic medical services

- Examinations and consultations by specialist doctors;
- Precise laboratory tests;
- Specialized medical manipulations;

Laboratory tests

- Blood gas analysis;
- Clinical chemistry;
- Coagulation;
- Urine;
- Hematology;

Electrocardiograms (ECG)

- Bicycle ergometer with computer software;
- One- and three-channel electrocardiograph;
- Twelve channel ECG machine with computer software;

Functional tests + treatment

- Bronchodilator test (with drugs or with exertion);
- Magnetotherapy;
- HRT therapy;
- Therapy with HF and UHF radar;

Breathing study

- Pulse oximetry;
- Light therapy;
- Seagrass;
- Air humidifier;
- Apparatus anti-allergen therapy;

Inhalation therapy

- Inhalations with aromatic oils;
- Inhalations with herbs;
- Inhalations with distilled/mineral water;
- Medicated cocktails;
- Cold inhalations including essential oils (100%);

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