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I didn’t see God but I saw the most admirable view of the heart of the Rhodopes. Endless chains of woodlands, folded picturesquely one after another, support the horizon from all sides. Between their multiple hilly slopes, in a big depth in front of me, the heavenly beautiful Chepinska valley spreads from north to south.

Ivan Vazov
/ ”In the heart of the Rhodopes” /

The Specialized Hospital for Pneumophthisiatric Diseases Saint Petka Balgarska

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Lukovitsa river is near the hospitalphisio129

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Velingrad – the blue pearl of the Rhodopes is one of the most famous spa resorts in Bulgaria. The rich palette of curative mineral water in combination with the soft mountain climate and the centuries-old pine woods, the diverse tourist structure and highly qualified medical service has made the resort a place of national significance and well known abroad. The biggest gift of the nature undoubtedly is the mineral water – there are 3 thermal beds within the limits of the town from which on the surface come 28 springs with water temperature from 18 to 86 °С, and its mineral composition has combined the healing properties of the waters in Hisarya, Banya (Karlovsko) and Narechenski Bani. The Velingrad’s mineral waters are healing for locomotor diseases, upper respiratory tract diseases, pulmonary, neurological, gynaecological, cardiovascular diseases.

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It is known that the Chepinsko korito, where Velingrad is located is the place in Bulgaria with the most sunny days during the year. In the greater part of the region the climate is mountain type but in the Chepinsko korito it is transitive continental with Mediterranean influence. The summer is fresh and the winter is soft. The average annual temperature in Velingrad is 9°С compared to 10,5° for the country. The absolute air humidity is 6,8 mm and the relative humidity is 75%. The atmospheric pressure is low – 693 mm of the mercury column.

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Except all healing gifts that we take from the nature in the form of herbs and plants, nature has the power to heal us only by touching it.

The life of the modern people is made of sitting in front of the PC, travelling along streets with heavy traffic, performing endless number of tasks and running between the workplace and the home. This makes people more nervous, slower and sicker. When we have ache, we take a pain-killer, when we are nervous, we take a sedative. As a result of this unhealthy way of living we go away from our primary being i.e. the nature.

Landscape therapy is very beneficial but not widely distributed therapeutic method – health restoration by staying among nature. Unfortunately many people underestimate the benefits of this method and do not feel sufficient need to spend their time in parks, mountains, greens. It is much easier to go to the gym in our spare time or to see a movie instead of enjoying the touch to the fresh air and dewy grass.

The landscape influence the body in different ways:

  • mechanical (wind, atmospheric influence)
  • heat and radiation (radiation from land, sun radiation)
  • chemical (aromas of plants, soil, rain)
  • electromagnetic (air ionization)

These factors influence our senses and our central nervous system. The activity of brain is normalized from where comes the overall positive influence on the body. Even the shortest touch to nature removes the strain that we accumulate and improves our mood and we feel fit of energy.

If one acquires the habit to break away from their daily schedule and the heavy traffic city only for a day, they will enjoy better working capacity and better health. They will gain energy for the next days and will feel much more fresh and energetic. The body has the physical need to touch to its natural environment and for that reason this actually simple method brings many positive changes. Your skin becomes fresher, your eyes relax, the blood circulation is normalized, and the mind becomes more lucid. The natural phenomena are the strongest stimulants of our vital functions so that every single cell of our body benefits from the positive impact of nature.

The psycho-emotional condition of body is most favourably influence by our meeting with the nature. Sit on the grass, relax your senses, take a deep breath, look at the horizon, don’t speak and dream. Then walk and talk quietly with someone you like. Specialist say that this makes us younger and extends our life. So make use more often of that affordable and blissful pleasure. We should not rely only on artificial methods but we should go back more often to our natural environment in order to gain energy, health and beauty from it.


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