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The Specialized Hospital for Pneumophthisiatric Diseases Saint Petka Balgarska in Velingrad is a medical institution plocha_uchitelifor pulmonary diseases. It was built in 1937 as Health Station for the Bulgarian Teachers, in 1938 the building was transformed into medical institution (Sanatorium for Tubercular Patients). It is located 4 km away from the centre of Velingrad to Yundola area. It is intended to satisfy the patients’ needs in the field of the following activities: diagnostics, further treatment, continuous treatment and rehabilitation of patients with chronic acute pulmonary diseases, tuberculosis of lungs, physical therapy and climatotherapy, laboratory, X-ray and ultrasound diagnostics, diagnostics and consultations requested by another medical institution in the main specialty: pneumology and phthisiology.

Patients are treated free of charge.
The hospital is well heated in the winter months.
Adequate nourishment and therapy.

Group inhalations, aromatherapy, ultrasound therapy, therapy with low-frequency and high frequency current, galvanotherapy, magnetotherapy are performed here and there is a sector for physical therapy. Various programmes and modern training devices under the observation of good specialists are offered to patients at the remedial gym. The clinical laboratory of the hospital has established structure that has modern diagnostic tools for all main and accompanying diseases. Thus it complied with the requirements for modern standards for diagnostics. The hospital has functional room for respiratory tests equipped with modern ultrasound device. The duty room has ECG unit with Doppler.

The staff experience combined with the state-of-the-art equipment and devices and the individual methods developed for each patient ensure successful treatment of a number of diseases:

  • Diseases of the locomotor system
    • Pathological changes of the spinal column /discopathies, disk hernia, osteoarthritis, etc./
    • Pathological changes of joints /coxarthrosis, arthrosis of knee, arthritis/.
  • Respiratory system diseases
    • COPD, Bronchial asthma, bronchiectasia, pulmonary emphysema, pulmofibrosis, status post pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, sinuitis
  • Neurological diseases
    • Radiculoneuritis, polyneuritis, discopathy, vegetative polyneuropathy
  • General prophylaxis and health enhancement


Reporting corruption and conflict of interests

Regional health inspection Pazardzhik phone:+359 34 445 262

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