Dear Patients,

Pursuant to Order № РД–01–44/14.03.2014 of the Minister of Health and the methods for subsidizing the medical institutions in 2014, re-hospitalization for further treatment and rehabilitation of patients with lung diseases is possible after expiration of 180 days /6 months/ according to Appendix No. 17, item 4.2.


Reporting corruption and conflict of interests

Regional health inspection Pazardzhik phone:+359 34 445 262

Acoustic concert in the cave of God’s eyes within the framework of the National campaign “Breathe free”

Published on September 01, 2017

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Honorary diploma

Published on March 11, 2015


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Letters of thanks

Published on October 29, 2014

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Next to the Pulmonary hospital there was raised a 4-meter high cross with carving

Published on December 11, 2013


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We start a large-scale renovation

Published on June 14, 2013


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A new fitness – a publication in the “Tempo” newspaper

Published on September 30, 2012


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